Learn how to make rubber molds with our mold making instructional videos!

Making a mold of your work is a great way to make money from your sculpture or artwork. To do that, you have to make a rubber mold first.

How do you make rubber molds? What are the secrets to rubber mold making? Artist Robert Fida has been making rubber molds for years and is a successful, well-known sculptor. He’s now sharing his knowledge of rubber mold making in a series of instructional videos.

Our rubber mold making instructional videos will take you step by step through the entire mold making process. You’ll see what materials you’ll need, and learn exactly how to create rubber molds of your work.

Our advance videos cover the finishing techniques you’ll need to cast with concrete, plaster, hydrocal, and hydrostone, and you’ll learn coloring, working with painted surfaces, imitation bronze, gold, marble and copper finishes, gold leaf, antiquating and other unique finishes.

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