Mold Making and Casting Videos
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Mold Making and Casting - 1 hour   
30.00  Quantity:
One hour of hands on instruction. Learn to make different types of rubber molds using the latest materials. Learn techniques for relief mold making, multi-sectional mold making, life molds and more. The first hour of the video concentrates on mold making techniques.During the second hour, you will learn casting in rubber molds with plaster, resins, cement, cultured marble, cast stone, low temperature metals, hydrostone and more. Sources for all types of mold making and casting materials are on the video. After viewing this video, you 6will have the knowledge and resources to reproduce sculptures or manufacture products for profit. The information in this video has launched companies in the US and abroad. "Mold making and Casting" is considered the "anchor video." Robert recommends viewing this video before all others.

Casting With Concrete - 1 hour   
30.00  Quantity:
For statuary, concrete products, architectural ornaments. Learn mixing and curing, pouring and packing, reducing weight, shaping, coloring, sealers, problem solving and more.

Casting With Plaster - 1 hour   
30.00  Quantity:
For interior ornaments, figurines, etc. Learn to mix plaster, repairing, reinforcement, coloring, problem solving and more.

Casting With Hydrostone & Hydrocal - 1 hour   
30.00  Quantity:
For sculptures, lamp bases, etc. Learn mixing, pouring, coloring, pouring to simulate marble, problem solving.

Finishing Techniques For Concrete, Plaster, Hydrostone - 1 hour   
30.00  Quantity:
Learn coloring, painted surfaces, imitation bronze, gold, marble and copper finishes, gold leaf, antiquating and other unique finishes.

125.00  Quantity:

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Mold Making and Casting Videos


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